My passion for music, dancing and living in the moment is driven by discovering what connects different people all together. Also seeing the different type of energy people bring to the raves.

Growing up in North London, my childhood was shaped by the influential figures of my Father and close friends, but my hidden motivational path was always through listening to music . I got my first professional mixing decks at the age of 16, then played my first gig at egg at the age of 19. 


My emerging career as a professional DJ has taken me to DJing at a number of well attended events at clubs across London. The exhilaration and joy on peoples' faces makes every gig the fulfilling experience that motivated me to become a DJ.  

Jack Austin has a passion for music from the age of 12 and got he’s first decks at the age of 16.  With also having skill of playing drums. He went to LSA to enhance he’s skills and learn the fundamentals of djing through a succession of courses being taught by Ben Smith.


You will catch him mainly in the underground scene playing all sorts of Tech house music. The main thing he loves is “dancing and living in the moment, seeing the different types of energy people bring to the raves and the goosebump thrills I get when something heavy drops is what I love most about music” 


Born in north London jacks childhood was shaped by the influential figure of he’s father and close freinds motivating him and showing love in what he does. The main impact he has is he’s grandad that helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle that kept him focused. As well as showing him different types of old school music which helped stretch he’s range of ideas. 


Jacks emerging career as a dj popped off pretty well when playing at he’s first gig in London once graduating from LSA . This was at the well known club egg which he played along side Ryan Willmott and under the main headliner Deeper sounds. The support he got was from friends and family which came along and bought tickets. 


He is currently been invited to be on a radio called Nowayfm sharing he’s positive vibes and techy beats. 


If you like what Jack Austin delivers In he’s mixes then make sure to keep an eye out on the near future as he will be creating some of he’s own music by taking production lessons to further is career.

© 2020 by DJ JACK AUSTIN. 

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